Cookie Policy

GrowUp Farms Ltd., a company incorporated in England and Wales whose registered office is at One Glass Wharf Bristol BS2 0ZX (registered number 08544592). We use cookies and this document explains their use.
We use cookies to provide you with a better experience when accessing our websites. They also help us to analyse how visitors use our websites and this help us to improve the content and design of our websites.

    1. A cookie is a small file typically consisting of a string of letters and numbers that is sent by our web server to your web browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari), and is then stored by the browser. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, it sends this small file back to the server so that the server can distinguish and track users as they navigate different pages on a website and improve the experience for returning users.
    2. Cookies can be either ‘session cookies ‘or ‘persistent cookies’. A session cookie will expire, be deleted, at the end of the user session, when you close your web browser. A persistent cookie will be stored by the browser and will remain valid until a set expiry date (unless you go in and manually delete it before the expiry date).
    1. We may use cookies for the following purposes:
      1. To recognise your device when you visit our websites;
      2. To log on and register on our websites:
      3. To improve our websites’ usability;
      4. To analyse the use of our websites;
      5. To link to email marketing campaigns;
      6. To improve the security of our websites; and
      7. For the general administration of our websites.
    1. We use both session cookies and persistent cookies on this website. Session cookies are those delete themselves when you leave the site. Persistent cookies are those that last for up to two years after you first visit our website. The specific cookies that we use are:
      1. Registration, Login and Application cookies, which are persistent cookies
      2. Social media cookies, which are session cookies
      3. Performance and tracking cookies
      4. Analytics cookies, which are persistent cookies
      5. Device Cookies, which are persistent cookies
    2. Most cookies we use are persistent cookies to give you a better experience and service, as well as making it more secure.
    3. For your information these are the cookies active on our website. They are used by Squarespace (a web publishing company which our site was built with), to track use of the website and allow some of the site’s features
    • crumb (session cookie)
    • ss_cid (Expires after 2 Years)
    • ss_cpvisit (Expires after 2 Years)
    • ss_cvisit (Expires after  30 Minutes)
    • ss_cvr (Expires after  2 Years)
    • ss_cvt (Expires after 30 minutes)
    1. Analytics are persistent cookies that allow us to recognise, count the number of visitors, and provide anonymous data about how our visitors use our websites.
    2. Using analytics cookies helps us improve the way our websites work and navigate, ensuring that users are able to find what they are looking for without difficulty. No personally identifiable data is collected about you.
    3. For further information on analytics cookies, please click here
    1. We use a persistent cookie to understand what device you are using and make sure the website is displayed correctly.
    2. We use this in conjunction with the VID cookie to keep track of the logged in entity. It allows us to identify the secure zone where the entity is logged in.
    3. A secure area is created for each candidate and we use the VID cookie to ensure candidates log into their correct secure area.
    1. You can block some or all cookies by activating the setting on your browser. If you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access all or parts of our websites. This may impair your ability to fully utilise our websites.
    2. More information about cookies can be found on the website This also gives details on how to delete cookies from your device. For information on how to do this on your smart mobile phone or tablet browser, please consult your device’s manual, or manufacturer.
    3. More information can be found here:
    1. By clicking “CLOSE” on the cookie banner, you agree to the placement of cookies on your device, unless you actively block them. If you choose not to receive our cookies, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be as fulfilling as it would otherwise be, in fact you might not be able to access any or all of the website.  Once your consent has been provided, this message will not appear again when you revisit.  If you, or another user of your computer, wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you can do so by altering your browser settings.
    1. If you have any questions about our cookies or this cookies policy please contact us by email at

Date of Policy: 23rd February 2023